Renting – A Step Closer to Your Dream Home

Should you buy or should you rent? This is one of the most debated topics among prospective home buyers. The truth is, renting and buying are not conflicting concepts. They are just two different options that cater to the lifestyles of different people at different stage of their lives.

We are all at different stages in life. Perhaps you are embracing independence, aspiring to move out from your parents’ home to stay on your own. Perhaps you are preparing to settle down with your partner. Or perhaps, you have recently moved to Singapore to pursue that exciting job opportunity. Depending on your needs, you may choose to rent or buy.

Renting for that Lifestyle

Let’s look at one prospective personality who may find renting very relevant. A young banker working in the financial sector at downtown Marina Bay has been aspiring to move out from her parents’ home in the suburb to live near her work place. For these aspiring young professionals, renting will be more relevant for their busy lifestyles. Staying near work and leisure can save on precious commute time while enjoying the exciting lifestyle in town.

Rental rates have been on a decline since 2014 while vacancy rates have been on the rise after it peaked at 10.4% in the second quarter of last year. It only started to improve in the fourth quarter of 2016 but remained at ~9% since then (latest vacancy rate for Q3 2017 being 9.3%). This means that there are ample choice units for rent to suit different budget.

An article from Straits Times in June 2017 quoted Ms. Song from Colliers International as saying:

“Historically, we note that rents can only move up significantly when vacancy rates are below 8.0%”. This would mean that tenants can be assured that their rent would not increase significantly too soon. With a peace of mind of stable rent, one would be able to live and enjoy their lifestyle as they save up to purchase their own property.

Another category of personality who will find renting suitable are those who may not want to commit to purchasing a home unless he is absolutely certain. After all, buying a property is a long-term commitment. Renting offers a good chance to “test-drive” a home and the neighborhood before committing to it. And if everything checks out? Negotiate with the owner to sell the house to you before your lease expires and you won’t even need to pack up your furniture

The Homeowner’s Dream

City fringe living is the dream for many of us. Living near our work place, having a drink with friends after work, enjoying the lush greenery near home and fitting in a morning run at Botanic Gardens or Park Connector on a working day. On weekends, hop down to one of the many café bistros near home for a relaxing afternoon with a couple of friends or drop by the nearest supermarket for groceries.

Many of the more recent developments in Singapore are now available for lease giving prospective buyers an opportunity to experience living there before committing. One of the more notable developments available for lease is The Crest - a luxury condominium in the prime Tanglin area that offers both fully and partially furnished units for lease.

For buyers, developments like The Crest are not only available for lease but offers buyers a Preferential Payment Plan which gives them more time to manage their finances. Buyers are only required to make a 5% upfront payment instead of the typical 20% down payment.

So whether you are looking to rent or to purchase a property, The Crest is the perfect choice.

The Crest – where life peaks.


The Crest. Exclusive, selected new residences located at the Good Class Bungalow precinct of Jervois and Bishopsgate available for lease and immediate occupancy. Looking for a suitable rental home? Choose from fully- and partially-fitted spacious, new 1- to 3-bedroom residences.


Here, you’ll be in close proximity to Orchard Road, where you can indulge in endless shopping and dining. Commuting to work in the city is fuss-free and fast, with Marina Bay and the Central Business District only a short drive away.


Live your every day in a nature haven. Enjoy a stroll or jog right outside your home on one of The Crest’s various sculpted garden and jogging trails.

Head down to Singapore’s world-famous Botanic Gardens, which is just a short jog away.

Take a scenic walk along home-to-city trails that lead to Boat Quay, or admire the view from majestic treetop walks along Singapore’s southern ridges.